Justin, Lani and Ariel’s journey

Ariel Stevens Optic nerve Glioma - young Ariel

Young Ariel

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Justin, Lani and Ariel’s journey

My beautiful sister, Lani Stevens (Pike) and her loving husband, Justin Stevens,  are being faced with a horrendous set of circumstances. Their little Ariel, just six months old, has been diagnosed with an inoperable and rare brain tumour known as an  Optic nerve Glioma. The tumour has spread throughout her brain and spine.

Ariel has been flown to the Royal Hobart Hospital where a team is working in conjunction with the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital to do everything they can for their little sweetheart, Ariel. A shunt has been installed to relieve some of the pressure due to fluid build up.

Financially, Lani and Justin are struggling, Justin has no leave due to starting a new job last week and Lani’s leave will be limited. It is unknown how long Ariel will be in the hospital and what other costs will arise, but at the moment there is already a major financial strain and they really don’t need the stress associated with this.  Ariel is such an amazing little baby, Justin and Lani are role model parents. Any donations are welcomed. Thank you.

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