John Carnevali’s Tragic Event

John Carnevali's tragic event

The Tragic Incident: John’s Heart Attack

On June 2, 2018, John Carnevali, a devoted father and husband, suffered a sudden heart attack, leaving him with severe brain damage and in need of constant medical care.

Before the Incident: A Normal Day

John, a vibrant 45-year-old, spent the morning coaching his 10-year-old son Hunter’s basketball team, reveling in his active lifestyle and family time with his beloved wife Melissa and son Hunter.

The Emergency: Melissa’s Frantic Efforts

In the early hours of that Sunday morning, Melissa discovered John in cardiac arrest. She immediately administered CPR while calling for emergency assistance. Paramedics worked tirelessly for two hours to stabilize John before rushing him to the hospital.

The Aftermath: A Long Road Ahead

Despite initial signs of improvement, John’s doctors delivered devastating news: he had sustained brain damage and might not recover fully. He struggles to recognize Melissa and Hunter, and his speech is nonsensical.

The Challenges Ahead: Melissa’s Sole Responsibility

Melissa now faces the daunting task of caring for John and Hunter alone, compounded by Hunter’s complex medical needs due to his premature birth.

A Plea for Support: Donate to Help the Carnevali Family

John’s condition has left the Carnevali family grappling with overwhelming medical expenses and the need for ongoing care. Your support can make a significant difference in easing their burden and providing them with the assistance they desperately need.

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John Carnevali's tragic event

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