John Carnevali’s Tragic Event

John Carnevali's tragic event

John Carnevali's tragic event

Help the Carnevali’s recover after their tragic incident

45-year-old John is a caring, active father and a husband, he suffered a heart attack and after that tragic event, he was left with a brain damage and a lifetime of 24/7 medical care. This leaves his wife Melissa on a single income and now carries an enormous financial burden to support John and her son Hunter with special needs and John’s medical bills.

June 2, 2018 was just a normal Saturday, John would spend the morning from where he sidelines as coach of his 10-year-old son’s Basketball Team. John loves sports, he likes having an active lifestyle and the rest of the day was spent having family time with his much-loved wife, Melissa and their son, Hunter.

Melissa was woken in the early hours of Sunday morning to find John in Cardiac Arrest and completely non-responsive. Melissa frantically administered CPR whilst calling 000 for an ambulance. Once the paramedics arrived they worked frantically to get a pulse, by this time John had gone around 20 minutes without oxygen to his brain. The paramedics work full-heartedly on John for 2 hours before he was stable enough to rush him to hospital.

The doctors warned Melissa to expect brain damage and to prepare for the worst, being told by some to turn off life support. On day 3, to the surprise of all of us, John woke and briefly opened his eyes and squeezed Melissa’s hand. The doctors were amazed, but our hope was short-lived.

John’s doctors are now telling Melissa that he has brain damage and may not improve. John, at times, recognises Melissa and Hunter but does not understand that they are his wife and son. John’s speech is nonsensical, he does not know how old he is, where he lives, or what year it is and when shown a photo of himself there is no recognition.

John and Melissa have such a long journey ahead of them with on-going medical costs, rehabilitation and John will need acute 24/7 care, he may not be able to go home to his family.

Life as a sole parent is never an easy task but it is made all the harder for Melissa. Hunter was born prematurely due to HELLP Syndrome, leaving Hunter with an Intellectual Disability, Heart Conditions and Autism.

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John Carnevali before the tragic event

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