Jims new eyes

Jim's Eyesight

Jim's Eyesight

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Jim’s Eyes

Our darling sister Gillian is under enormous stress having just been told that in order to save Brother Jim C’s eyesight it will cost $3000.00. That is the amount that will be left to pay outside of their medicare or health benefits. Jim and Gillian are both pensioners and this extra cost is just out of their reach.

Gillians Update

An update on Jim, not good news. We had another visit with the eye surgeon this afternoon, we spent two hours having more scans and tests. The doctor thought he may have been able to keep Jim’s right eye stable on the various drops over the past few weeks. But it’s not working properly and his eye pressure is very erratic up and down all over the place. He could just go blind, so there’s no option now but to operate. They will put a Xen Implant into the eye with two stents as well, this will allow the eye pressure to remain stable. The fluid in the eye to drain away also as it’s not doing presently. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a bigger cost as our health fund won’t cover the cost of the stents. I fell apart in the doctors rooms and Jim was in total shock. It’s difficult enough trying to survive on the pension without a huge extra cost like this but Jim has no other option. He  only got peripheral vision in the left eye and he can’t read with that eye at all. If he loses his sight in his right eye, which is the eye that needs the operation, he’d be blind. We really need a lot of prayers now…

Jim needs this surgery: The eye surgery

We all know how hard this system is pushing us all at present, losing Jim’s eyesight though will be an extra hard blow as we know how much eyesight contributes to quality of life and Jim has been an avid reader all his life. If you have a small amount and can share this between your friends hopefully together we can ease sister Gillian’s stress. With you all in Christian love and please remember Gillian and Jim in your prayers at the least.


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