Jett’s Fight Against Brain Cancer

Jett, Happy and Bubbly - cheerful boy

cheerful boy

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Jett’s Fight Against Brain Cancer

This happy, bubbly and mischievous little boy is Jett. He has not long turned the big 1-year-old!!! He is a cheeky, beautiful boy who can melt hearts with just a smile.

Just a few days ago his parents Ash & Jess was given the heartbreaking news, news that no parent should ever have to hear, their perfect little boy Jett has a brain tumour. Jett is getting the best care possible from the wonderful doctors and nurses at The Royal Children’s Hospital, however, the hospital is 2 hours away from his home in Bendigo. His parents are by his side through every step. This is going to be a long and difficult battle for the family, not just emotionally but also financially. The family will have loss of income while they are at Jett’s bedside, however, the bill at home don’t stop and there is also the added expense of living away from home.

There is very little anyone can say or do to make this battle any less awful for Jett’s parents but we can ease some of the financial burdens. The only thing these wonderful parents should be focused on is caring for their son, and not how are they going to pay the bills back at home.

Please, whatever you can spare to help this strong little boy and his family will be greatly appreciated.

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At Reduce, we stand with Jett and his family during this challenging time. We urge anyone who can to offer their support, whether it’s through donations, spreading awareness, or simply sending words of encouragement. Together, we can make a difference in Jett’s fight against brain cancer.

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