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hope for Riaa

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Financial Assistance for Riaa


We are two Mums from Carrum in the South-East suburbs of Melbourne hoping to help a local family whose daughter Riaa Kulkarni is in Grade 2 this year at Carrum Primary School. Sadly, this family is experiencing indescribable difficulties concerning the health of their child.

Riaa’s Diagnosis

In August 2016, Riaa was suddenly diagnosed with a form of brain cancer called DIPG. It is a rare in children and is a fast-growing cancerous brain tumour that causes deterioration of basic daily functions such as eating, walking and speaking. Her treatment is being managed by the Monash Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, all available treatment options, including radiation therapy, have been exhausted. Riaa attended a clinical trial in Sydney for 6 weeks, However, due to the rapid growth of the tumour, and Riaa’s inability to continue to tolerate the chemotherapy, this has been suspended.

If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brooke Baxter or Louise Childs.

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Reduce Home Loans extends its support to Riaa Kulkarni and her family as they face a critical moment in her battle against a rare brain cancer. Despite exhausting treatment options, Riaa’s condition persists, prompting a last-chance trial in Mexico. However, financial constraints loom large. We urge our community to rally together, offering both financial assistance and spreading awareness. Your contributions can be the lifeline Riaa desperately needs, offering hope in her fight against this relentless disease. Let’s unite in support of Riaa and her family during this challenging time.


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