Hope for Anjali

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Hope for Anjali

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Anjali’s Passion

Anjali Warrier is a bright, beautiful, big-hearted young woman. She’s a beloved daughter and sister, niece and cousin, and a crazily wonderful friend. At 22, she’s already made an amazing, enriching impact on friends and family. She has boundless energy and passion – always running around or bouncing a basketball – and the most generous of hearts.

And her greatest passion has always been her dream to be a vet and work with animals in need. This is one of the reasons she’s worked so hard to get into her veterinary science degree at the University of Queensland. An animal lover, she’s passionate about animal welfare. Her dream is to work as an equine surgeon after she graduates.

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Unseen Events

It was in pursuit of her vet studies that found Anjali in a car driving along a remote gravel road on New Zealand’s South Island on December 1, 2016. She and her friends were completing a placement on a farm. She was working hard and enjoying every rural minute. This evening, however, the poor light and dirt road led to disaster. Anjali’s friend lost control of the car. It flipped 3 times, and Anjali was flung out, her head hitting a rock. Two of the bones in her neck fractured. Two of Anjali’s friends bravely ran for help but it was 4 hours before emergency responders were able to reach them.

Anjali was air-lifted to the hospital and is currently in an induced coma.

Anjali’s parents, Rajan and Prabha, were at home in India when they received the terrible call from the Dunedin Intensive Care Unit. They’ve left their jobs and flown halfway across the world to be by their daughter’s side.

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Road to Recovery

It will be a long road ahead for the family. We’re still waiting to see what damage this accident has caused, physically and neurologically. We’re hoping and praying that at the end of this journey we’ll have our Anjali back, laughing her infectious, bubbly laugh, pouring her heart back into the studies she’s so passionate about, ready to give even more back to the world.

Anjali’s strong. She’s a fighter.
She works as hard as she can to achieve her goals. But we know it will take months and months of recovery and rehabilitation – and a significant amount of resources. We want to give Anjali the best chance possible to get through this terrible accident. And we want to make sure she has her mum and dad with her the whole way.

Please donate to allow Rajan and Prabha to stay by Anjali’s side, and to help us get Anjali the medical help and ongoing rehabilitation she’ll need to get back to doing what she always does – giving all of herself to everyone around her.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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