Helping Antonia Drury Return Home

Antonia Drury Needs Help

Help Antonia Go Home

Antonia Drury (Toni) has not been home for almost 4 months, we are working towards fulfilling her wish and bringing her home so she can recover and enjoy life again.

Toni’s nightmare started on March 25th, celebrating her son’s birthday. Being the outgoing woman she is, Toni joined the family in a game of cricket, who could’ve known, how this would go wrong????

With a big swing of the bat Toni slipped on the grass and fractured the upper portion of her femur.  She was rushed to Noosa hospital in an Ambulance as she was unable to move, the family followed without a second thought of what she was about to endure.

Toni underwent Hip replacement surgery, replacing her fractured ball with a metal component, the surgery was successful.

Unfortunately her body did not cooperate. It was not long after that Toni suffered her first major heart attack, the doctors reported to the family and the news was NOT good.

Being the fighter that Toni is, she exceeded expectations, and continued with the rehabilitation.

Another Swing

However within a month Vic, her loving husband, called around the family to break the news. Toni had suffered a stroke; she is now completely paralysed down the left side of her body.

Rehabilitation has once again stopped…

We have all worked tirelessly to keep this grandmother of 2 motivated… to push for little improvements… to keep living… get stronger… and come home. And it was working she had pushed hard and finally made it up to Level 5 of the hospital with full rehabilitation in swing, she is still in a wheelchair but we are grateful for any small improvements.

The third blow happened on the 1st of July, Toni suffered another major heart attack, and her heart received severe damage which is irreversible.

The doctors suggested Vic, to reconsider building a bathroom suitable for Toni; that putting her in a retirement home may be a suitable alternative. But that will NEVER happen; Toni’s dream is to go home and Vic is determined to have his wife by his side.

We KNOW that Toni’s best chance of recovery is at home next to her husband where she wants to be, with the full support of the family with them.

Toni’s Needs

We are fundraising to raise enough money to go towards every day necessities that Antonia now needs, just to get her home she will need;

  • House renovations for a wheel chair accessible bathroom
  • Mobility Equipment
  • Rental costs for a suitable bed Transportation, ideally a suitable vehicle but in the meantime for taxi fares
  • And on top of all that assistance to cover
  • unforeseen expenses, and
  • The never ending medical bills.

This is Antonia Drury’s story,

If you know Toni, you would know that she is a beautiful kind hearted woman who would do anything for anyone in a drop of a hat. Now is her time of need.

Any donation makes a world of difference.

Thank you for your help.


At Reduce, we extend our support to Antonia and her family in their challenging time. We urge anyone who can to contribute towards fulfilling Antonia’s wish of returning home and aiding her recovery process. Your generosity can truly make a difference in her journey. Thank you for your assistance.

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