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flood victims
flood victims
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Flood Victims’ Mental Health

Flood victims and other disasters have effects on people’s physical and mental health. Flooding is one of the most frequent and major disasters throughout the world; floods have destroyed homes and taken many people’s lives. A survivor’s problem with mental health may continue over time not only from the experience, but because of the many complications that continue to follow. Problems such as the damage to personal belongings, loss of loved ones, loss of properties and more. Flooding challenges a person’s resilience and victims often deal with high level of stress, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Mental health problems of these victims appear for longer periods even after the disaster and can be difficult to distinguish from symptoms of common mental disorder.

Early intervention is Crucial

According to research, victims that involve themselves in community recovery efforts are most likely to cope and recover from trauma. For those unable to help or are in need of assistance themselves, PTSD and anxiety are the common long-term psychological effects to flood victims. Early interventions for flood victims are needed to prevent these effects in the long run.

Flying Doctors On Field

After the recent flooding in areas in North Queensland, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Western and Northern Queensland Primary Health Networks, the Department of Communities and Queensland Health are now working together to provide metal health support to the affected areas. Counseling is given to anyone that is affected by the flood through NQ Connect Helpline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1300 059 625. RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) is also available via a separate support line on 0407 595 014.

RFDS was founded by Reverend John Flynn – He once said, “If you start something worthwhile – nothing can stop it” and this simple truth is evidenced by the RFDS today, 90 years on. Lieutenant Clifford Peel sent a letter to Reverend John Flynn and suggested to use aeroplanes to deliver healthcare to the areas of Australian Outback. Though Peel wasn’t able to see the success of his idea, RFDS honors his legacy and innovation and now RFDS has 71 operating aircrafts from 23 bases across the country and Australia’s 3rd largest airline with over 350,000 patient contacts every year. Learn more about their history and how they’ve helped thousands of people from across Australia.

Staying Safe

If a storm is passing in your area, the government announces warning of floods through different media: TV, radio and in social media. Here are some tips on what to do before, during and after a flood.


  • Create an inventory of your valuables including insurance policy and contact information and keep then in a waterproof container.
  • Prepare your emergency kits and orient family for your emergency plans.
  • Store a supply of food, water, and medication on shelves that will be safely out of the way in case of flooding.


  • Avoid walking or driving through floodwater no matter how shallow they seem
  • Turn off your gas and electricity
  • Remain in the upper area of your house or find a higher ground


  • Return home only if given the all clear signal from the government
  • Boil water for drinking and food prep.
  • Take pictures of any damaged items or property and contact your agent.
flood victims

To make the kids interested and informed about staying safe during the storm, play the StormSafe game and learn how to prepare. Visit SES for more tips on how you and your family can stay safe during the storm.

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