Help Support Mobility Vehicle for Isabella

Mobility Vehicle for Isabella

 Mobility Vehicle for Isabella

Donate to help fund a mobility vehicle for Isabella

Our daughter Isabella has an undiagnosed condition that has resulted in her being severely intellectually and physically disabled. She is wheelchair bound and has many chronic illnesses including epilepsy and respiratory dysfunction.

One of Isabella most pressing needs is a specially modified vehicle that she can travel in without having to be manually transferred from her wheelchair into a car seat. Currently, we have to transfer Isabella manually, causing her discomfort and pain due to spinal fractures resulting from a low bone density which is a symptom of her disorder.

In January she will be turning 15 years old and we have realised that the potential for ourselves to sustain a serious injury whilst lifting Isabella is also increasing every day as she grows bigger and heavier. Unfortunately, although funding is available to modify vehicles, an appropriate vehicle has to be provided and very few options are available to fund the purchase.

We have decided to appeal to the kindness and generosity of others to help us fundraise for this vehicle, as we could never afford to provide one independently. The capacity for such generosity from others never ceases to amaze, and we would like to extend our deepest thanks to anyone who will donate to our cause.
Thank you.

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