Help Stephen Get Back To Life

Stephan Recovery from Accident

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Help Stephen Get Back To Life

On Wednesday 3rd August at about 5.30pm Stephan was on his way home on Tasmania’s Midland Highway when his car collided with a truck. Stephan’s condition was so bad that he was airlifted to the hospital. The car was on fire when a passing motorist put the fire out with his fire extinguisher and another wonderful lady who was first on the scene supported Stephen until an ambulance arrived. His injuries included: Broken femur, a neck fracture, both arms, head injury, broken clavicle, ribs and shoulder and neck fracture, this also included 3 lots of blood and blood products. Stephen was put into an induced coma and is now on a long, long recovery. Meanwhile, his beautiful wife and two young children are by his bedside day and night, this means they have had to leave their home and their two dogs and pay accommodation close to the hospital.

It is a 3-hour drive from home to the hospital, but Petra will not leave her husband’s side. No one can predict something as terrible as this happening to your family, especially on his way home from work, trying to provide for his family. Now they have the terrible burden of worrying about accommodation for Petra and the children as well as medical expenses. Who know’s how long they will have to pay for accommodation as well as being away from their home and their beloved dogs.

Any donation towards this lovely family would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

I suppose your wondering who I am?
My name is Michelle Richmond, Petra is my childhood friend, and also my sons Godmother. Petra has always been there for me, but due to me being on a pension I have limited funds to fly over to be with her and her family or to assist them in any way.

Overwhelmed by the terrible accident and my inability to help I was told about this site by my beautiful friend Jennifer and decided to have a go, and see if we as a community can assist any way we can. Realistically, I know I definitely couldn’t afford to pay over $1,000 a week for accommodation like Petra is doing at the moment, or stay with someone else where you have no quality time with your children or time to just process what’s happened and have a cry. Please help ease their burden of money issues and make their long recovery as a family a little easier.

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