Help me save her life

staying strong against ovarian cancer

staying strong against ovarian cancer

Help me save her life

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My partner and I have chosen to reach out to ask our family, friends and the international community for help with Lucy’s battle against her stage IV Ovarian Cancer. The beginning of this year we were hit with a horrible hand of cards when Lucy was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the age of 26. 

2017 was an exciting time for Lucy, fulfilling her dream and passion of one day owning her very own beauty salon, after a lot of hard work and saving enough money to take that leap of faith, Lucy opened her very own salon called Luminance Beauty.

Over the next few months Lucy’s condition deteriorated extremely quickly, realizing that the previous existence of cancer had caused massive amounts of damage to her organs resulting in major emergency surgery. This has resulted in the inability to ever have children of her own as well as having to close the doors permanently of her newly achieved dream.
Lucy has just started her 2nd cycle of Chemotherapy sessions; Which brings her to treatment 8. Over the last 6 months Lucy has had Ultrasounds, Scans, blood tests, Specialists appointments and more. Her cancer has now progressed to stage IV Ovarian Cancer giving us the harsh reality that she is Terminally Ill.

 Battle wounds against ovarian cancerDue to the aggressive nature of Ovarian cancer it has now metastasized and spread to her kidneys, liver, pancreas, bowel and stomach lining. This has also added ongoing health issues and potential chronic illnesses as well as decreasing Lucy’s prognosis to a 12 month life expectancy. 

Up until this point we have financed Lucy’s treatments on our own. This has exhausted all of our savings as well as options for personal loans. Unfortunately the public benefits scheme does not cover the costs of her treatments nor did we have private health cover therefore we can not afford to pay for further treatments at this point in time.

We have had 3 different specialists unable to provide us with any hope of a positive outcome. The surgery and treatments have failed sustained or improve her condition.

We are urgently looking to move away from generic western medicine and need to try alternative treatments in the hope of prolonging Lucy’s life; at the very least provide a more comfortable situation for the remaining time we have together.
One of These options is extremely expensive, not only would we have to travel overseas but each singular session would cost approximately $40,000.
Dr Herzog

We would be forever grateful of any help that anyone that can give us. The love and support by everyone has been priceless alone during this time and we can’t thank you all enough.
The money raised from this GoFundMe will be used to help pay for further treatment and ongoing expenses.

If you would like more information, Lucy has a weekly blog detailing her journey and raising awareness of this horrible disease. I urge you to follow her story and help spread awareness of Ovarian Cancer and potentially decrease the amount of women who are diagnosed too late.

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Lucy's Dog with her against ovarian cancer

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