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Help Kimmy Cure Cancer

Kim is a beautiful, generous and giving mother of two beautiful children. Those that know her, know she is one of the most caring, loving and compassionate people we all have the joy of having in our lives!
When she recently went in to welcome her second child, baby Jai, it was supposed to be as it normally is a beautiful time of celebration.

Unfortunately for her, two hours before the birth of her son, Kim was faced with some very heavy news from her Gastroenterologist Рthe doctor had found a large tumours mass on her bowel during an emergency last-minute colonoscopy.

Only hours after receiving that news, Kim with the support of her husband Mikey summoned all her courage and delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy. Who continues along with there adorable toddler Tayaih, to bring much happiness to the whole family!

The proceeding day more shocking news followed. This being that despite Kim’s age and previous good health, her Primary cancer in her bowel had somehow found a way to metastasized to her liver.
This subsequently, upgraded her from a Stage One to Stage Four cancer immediately. This naturally came as a total shock to Kim, Mike and all the family.

Despite this news, again our brave girl got herself together and endured her second major surgery, only two days after Cesarian, undergoing a lengthy bowel and liver surgery to remove all visible cancer.

Kim’s recovery and first-month post birth weren’t spent in the comfort of her home, enjoying her son’s arrival, as it should have been. Rather it was spent exclusively at Joondalup hospital. Mostly in bed resting, with Mike and family by her side at all times.

Such is the devastating case with Secondary Bowel cancer it can be very aggressive and quickly developing. In fact, it is one of the worst and most common cancers in Western Countries. This creates the need for immediate action from anyone who can help this lovely family.

The journey ahead will be laborious, trying and lengthy. Kim, Mike and family have sought both modern medical and alternative treatment paths in order to give Kim the best possible chance to return to full health.
This includes:

  • Immediate surgery
  • Six months of aggressive chemotherapy which she is currently undergoing
  • Drastic and very expensive change in dietary intake
  • Alternative therapy/ treatment interstate and abroad.

Although the family had top health cover, incredibly this covers none of the natural therapy being sought and only some of which medical expenses. All of this comes at a huge financial expense and additional pressure to Kim and Mike and so as their close friends, we are setting up this page to HELP our beautiful friend, tackle this challenge ahead.

We encourage everyone to please SPREAD the word and get behind this amazing mother and her family!
They need our HELP now to ensure they are together for many years to come!!

If you aren’t in a position to donate we encourage everyone to share this campaign. Maybe someone else will be in a position to help.
We will also be coordinating some events over the year to get everyone together and enjoy the company of each other and celebrate building toward a healthy future!

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