Help Kallam fight Stage 4 Cancer

Kallam Webb fighting cancer

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Help Kallam fight Stage 4 Cancer

My name is Mercedes Webb and I am the wife of Kallam who has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer/brain tumour (astrocytoma glioblastoma GBM). Kallam had been living a full and healthy life before January 27th, 2016 when he suffered two back to back grand mal seizures, which led to several scans and tests for which the conclusion was a brain tumour on the right temporal lobe, which required immediate surgery.

The biopsy result concluded the above diagnosis and the treatment advised was to begin intensive radiotherapy for six weeks in conjunction with high doses of chemotherapy. The physical side-effects of this are physical and mental exhaustion, nausea, hair loss and permanent eyesight and hearing damage. Not to mention susceptibility to infections due to low immunity during the course of this treatment, which will continue for nine months. Kallam has had to stop working and in the long term, he will be unable to work due to the side-effects of the chemo and radiotherapy. I will have to look after him full-time and therefore will be unable to work also.

Reduce Home Loans are reaching out to you to assist us in raising funds that will cover the medical and living expenses during this period. We will be deeply grateful for any assistance that can be provided to us.

Thank you so much.

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