Help Indie fight her INAD Disease

Help Indie with Infantile Nueroaxonal Dystrophy

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Help Indie on her INAD Disease

Indie is a 4 year old girl who has been diagnosed with INAD (Infantile Nueroaxonal dystrophy).
This means that she will probably pass away before she turns 6.

A bit of Indie’s history

Indie used to crawl and say words until she was 20 months and then started regressing. She has been previously misdiagnosed with Hypotonic cerebral palsy and then with cerebellum atrophy. Once she was diagnosed with an atrophy we decided to move our little family from Queensland to Melbourne in hope of better medical support.

In January 2015 she was diagnosed with INAD.

Indie can no longer move by herself, is PEG fed, cannot communicate and will lose her sight and hearing.

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