Help for Katerina

help for katerina

help for katerina

Extend a lending hand to help Katerina. 17 years old Katerina started crying from pain in her knee since February 2017. Katerina was sent to a GP and had an MRI test. The result showed an inflammation and nothing to be concerned about. After a few weeks, the pain Katerina felt was more intense and she couldn’t stand for too long.

After going back to the GP and did another test, the results showed a tumour with the size of a large egg and had engulfed 2 nerves that control the thigh muscle, hence the pain in the knee. Katerina went to painful and intensive biopsies and diagnosed with Myeloid, Epitheloid Sarcoma, rare cancer with no literature or treatment plan for this type of cancer.

Best Option for Katerina

The best option Katerina has is a major surgery in her spine to remove the tumour and radiation treatment. Katerina endured a 15-hour operation, which involved surgery from the front and from the back. The L5 vertebrae was completely removed, part of her L4 vertebrae was taken out and replaced with a plastic cage to rejoin the spine. The two nerves that control her left leg were sacrificed which means her left leg is now permanently disabled. After the surgery, radiation and physiotherapy, Katerina felt pain in her shoulders and was later discovered that cancer came back and had spread to her body. The option they had for Katerina was 6 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy. Most of the cancer was eradicated after the chemotherapy, but the one from her spine was still there.

Katerina’s cancer had re-flared and metastasise and she had to endure more scans and painful biopsies. The fight to keep Katerina healthy and vibrant as she was has put an enormous financial burden on their family. Debbie, Katerina’s mom gave up work to take care of Katerina with bills piling up and mortgage payments.

Katerina is now 18 years old and celebrated her birthday, Easter and Christmas all in the hospital. Katerina now has kidney stones, weak and brittle bones and blood clots due to the side effects of the chemotherapy. Please help Katerina and her family, please donate any amount of money or share this page.

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