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Elise with global developmental delay

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Help Elise’s Neuro Therapy

Our precious 19-month-old daughter, Elise, has Global Developmental Delay and Hypotonia (low muscle tone). She weighs only 6.8 kilograms (the average size of a 5-month-old baby). Developmentally she is still at a 5-8-month-old level (over 1 year behind) in almost all areas. This is heartbreaking to us. She is not sitting independently or crawling yet. She does not speak meaningful words, cannot feed herself or drink by herself or put anything to her mouth with her hands. There is a chance that she may never walk without effective, expensive treatment. Her twin brother, Mitchell does not have any developmental delays and is walking and talking, etc. Her older brother, Arden (5) also has no developmental delays.

Elise sees a regular physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Speech Therapist, doctors. She has on average 2-3 appointments per week. Despite this, she is still very behind. She is definitely progressing, however very slowly, and there is a very big chance she may never walk or communicate effectively. As an example, we have been working on getting her to build strength to sit up for over 8 months now, and she still has not reached this milestone.

There has been no cause found as to Elise’s Global Developmental Delay (i.e. cerebral palsy), despite numerous tests performed by the Royal Children’s Hospital (including an MRI on her brain and spine). The consensus however by the doctors is that it is neurological, i.e. her brain is not working as it should.

She has a groundbreaking therapy available to her based on neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change and forge new neural pathways), via a company called Neuro-Fit Systems, which we need help to pay for and ask for any donations that you can afford to make.

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