Help Dylan Galea Fund their Travel and Medical expenses

Dylan Galea Car Accident

Dylan Galea - travel and medical expensesDonation to Help Dylan Galea Fund their Travel and Medical expenses

Help Dylan Galea Fund their Travel and Medical expenses

It’s every parents worst nightmare, firstly the shock of learning that your child has been involved in a serious accident and then the period of time that follows where your whole world is turned upside down. You have no choice but to drop everything, put your life on hold and be by their side as they lay in the hospital fighting to survive. Here is an excerpt from Darren Galeas facebook page about what they faced and what lies ahead. Every little bit helps with medical costs, family travel, accommodation, day to day living.

Dylan suffered severe facial injuries and chest injuries as a result of a road accident on the Gold Coast a few days ago and was immediately placed in a coma in intensive care. After numerous scans, it was discovered that his brain looked ok and not damaged from his injuries. He has suffered severe facial fractures to his chin, jawline, jaw, cheekbones, eye sockets, nose and jaw join in which he will undergo reconstruction surgery tomorrow.

He also has severe chest, hip, knee and leg bruising. After 2 days He was taken out of the coma for the sakes of him not getting pneumonia as his chest was full from all the internal bleeding from his face and to ensure his brain function was ok through response. He has been alert and talking minimally over the last day but has been in the most excruciating pain I’ve ever witnessed a person to have constantly moaning in pain.

This has been the worst thing Bel and I have ever had to face and even though every day seems a challenge for us the thought that over time he should be ok is helping us cope. Something no parent should go through coz I look at him and feel totally helpless that I can’t take his pain away. So tomorrow his surgery will begin and so will the long haul road to recovery.


Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. Everyone’s support has been amazing and we feel blessed to have such great family and friends in our lives. Prayers that we get to come home with Dylan very soon and get on with our lives. I will try and keep you updated as I can on his surgery and progress. Thanks to each and every one of you.

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