Help Beto! Stem Cells For Parkinsons

Beto Tineo with parkinsons - family man

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Help Beto! Stem Cells For Parkinson’s

In the photo – Beto with his family on his birthday! His children from left to right: Samantha, Andrew, Nicole. His Wife Cristina, Beto and then Danny on the far right. (Youngest daughter Delilah and oldest daughter Bryanna are not in this family photo).

Imagine this was you. Are you a husband, father, wife, mother? Do you have children and a family who love and care about you? Imagine if one day the unthinkable happened? You got the bad news? What would you do? Would you try experimental treatments to live longer and be with your family? This case is very close to my heart, that’s the reason why the World Support Foundation is behind it and that’s also why we are sharing it with you.

Beto Tineo is a kind and compassionate family man who lives in New Jersey USA. Surrounded by his beautiful, supportive wife and 6 amazing children (Delilah, Samantha, Nicole, Andrew, Bryanna then Danny). He is a loving father and great husband who works very hard, in his spare time he improved every inch of their own home to give his family a better life. Beto loves baseball, his most memorable weekends were when he was playing with his kids.

In 2012 Beto’s life changed forever when he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, an incurable neurodegenerative disorder of the central nervous system (which finally took the life of the late, great Muhammad Ali). Despite his affliction, Beto considers himself the luckiest man in the world and he still works tirelessly on a full-time basis to provide for his family and make ends meet. The negative impacts Parkinson’s disease is having on Beto’s life have become substantially greater over the last few years and today he is heavily reliant on numerous daily medications (Ropinirole, Carbidopa, Enalapril and Atorvastatin) just to maintain some quality of life.

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