Help Annalise on her Cerebral Palsy

Annalise With Cerebral Palsy

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Help Annalise on her Cerebral Palsy

Annalise has cerebral palsy, she’s 10.5 months old and the light of my life. She was born 8 weeks premature after a very scary pregnancy. At a few days old we were told that she had had a grade 4 IVH (stroke) in utero and that she would most likely have CP. The cause of the bleed is still unknown. Since then we have done daily physiotherapy with her to try and give her the best start in life that we can.

She’s a happy (most of the time) curious little girl, She just wants to explore her world and play. She loves cuddles and things that crinkle. She wants to sit up and interact but that isn’t something that is easy for her. Her tight muscles make everyday things that a lot of us take for granted very difficult. She can’t sit unassisted, feed herself finger foods, crawl or stand yet but she’s learning. Her development is going to be different from a “normal” child but that’s ok 🙂 shes special.

Because of her CP, Annalise needs a lot of equipment which can cost thousands of dollars, even her toys need to be adapted for her. She has appointments interstate to see specialists and therapists. The costs are starting to mount up and she is only given a specific amount of funding to spend on equipment. Any money that is donated threw go fund me will help Annalise to thrive. It will go towards equipment, toys, medical and travel expenses. Anything she needs. Any help that you can give us would be more than amazing. Annalise needs both her father and me at home to care for her at this stage so money is tight. We just want to give her the best chance that we can. 🙂

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