Heatwave in Australia

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Stay Safe During the Heatwave In Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) states that there will be a widespread low intensity heatwaves forming across central and eastern Australia this week and rising to severe levels. On January 26, Australia Day is set to be the hottest since 2004 and six degrees hotter than last year. Last January 15, the world’s 15 hottest sites were all in Australia. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the hottest places on January 16 were:

  1. Tarcoola (Australia) 49.1°C
  2. Port Augusta Aws (Australia) 49°C
  3. Woomera Aerodrome (Australia) 48°C
  4. Olympic Dam Aerodrome (Australia) 47.9°C
  5. Hay Airport Aws (Australia) 47.8°C
  6. Oodnadatta Airport (Australia) 47.7°C
  7. Marree Aero (Australia) 47.6°C
  8. Coober Pedy Aws (Australia) 47.5°C
  9. Warburton Airfield (Australia) 47.3°C
  10. Ivanhoe Aerodrome Aws (Australia) 46.9°C
  11. Wilcannia Aerodrome Aws (Australia) 46.6°C
  12. Leigh Creek Airport (Australia) 46.3°C
  13. Wulungurru (Australia) 46.2°C
  14. Moomba Airport (Australia) 46.1°C
  15. Yulara Aws (Australia) 46.1°C

The weather bureau says that “unusual extended period of heatwaves” began in Australia in early December and hasn’t stopped since. Last December 2018 was recorded to be the warmest December according to BOM.

Beat The Heat

Awareness of health in heatwaves – hydrate, shade, keep radios and mobiles on for emergency alerts. Here’s a few reminders from ACT Health on how to stay healthy during the heatwave.

heatwave tips

Keep your pets safe too! Australian dogs also face heat stress or heatstroke during the hot and humid season. Always keep your pets safe and hydrated. Australian Dog Lover has more tips on how to keep your pets cool.

Pet safety during heatwave

With the heatwave and recent drought, all of Australia is on High Alert this summer. With Australia Day 2019 set to be one of the hottest on record, we can urge people to follow Aussie Mateship and help others by donating to the SES, who risk their lives every day aiding others.

SES Volunteers

The SES or State Emergency Service is a “not-for-profit”, community, volunteer, emergency service organisation that is enabled by both State and local governments. Additionally the SES teams are from different states and responds to different types of emergency situations such as storms, floods, search and rescue and a range of other general rescue. They are also responsible for planning and emergency risk management.

They assist every community to cope with natural or man-made emergency situations. SES is composed different teams and many volunteers not just on the field but also behind the scenes such as, radio or computer operators, administration and incident control. The team of SES always welcomes volunteers, roles on SES may vary from group to group depending on their operational capacity. Contact your local SES Group and see what you can do. Gain opportunities to increase or develop new skills, meet new people, enjoy the team spirit and enjoy the feeling of being able to help different people in your community. Volunteer Now!

Donations are also accepted, your donations help provide essential equipment that volunteers use in different functions required by their communities and also to ensure the safety and well-being of the community. You can donate in different ways, please visit your local SES chapters in these sites:


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