Hayley’s Journey

Hayley Knott with cancer on lungs and liver

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Hayley’s Journey

20 months ago John and Peta brought a beautiful little girl into the world Hayley Knott who changed their lives forever. Bringing so much happiness and love in their lives. A week ago from 21 June 2016 their lives were changed forever when a lump was found on their beautiful little girl’s chest. In the following days, she was diagnosed with a rare aggressive cancer on her lungs and liver.

The family is currently having to stay in Brisbane away from their home in Townsville to undergo treatment immediately which is all very costly. Although we can’t take away the pain of what they must be going through or even imagine, we could help take away the financial burden. So please help with any donation and some prayers. They will be greatly appreciative of your thoughts and donations. Thank you in advance.



In times of adversity, it’s heartwarming to witness communities coming together to support one another. At Reduce Home Loans, we believe in lending a helping hand when it’s needed most. Hayley’s journey is a testament to the strength of love and resilience within families facing challenging circumstances. We urge you to join us in offering support to John, Peta, and little Hayley during this difficult time. Your contribution, whether big or small, can make a significant difference in alleviating the financial strain they’re experiencing. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in their lives.

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