Support Frankie’s Leukaemia Journey

Francesca journey with leukemia

Frankie - sweet girl's journey Donation to Help Frankie Fight Leukaemia

Support Frankie’s Leukaemia Journey

Some of the most terrifying words a parent can ever hear are ‘your daughter has leukaemia’. For Duncan and Kate, this became a reality for them on Sunday night 21st February 2016.

Not yet 3 years old, little Francesca has been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukaemia called Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML). On top of this, Frankie has contracted pneumonia which is further complicating her treatment. Frankie has already been through a number of ordeals including a spinal tap, bone marrow biopsy and has commenced (round 1 of 4) chemotherapy, yet her journey has only just begun.

Frankie is receiving daily blood transfusions and may need a bone marrow transplant pending further results.

Both Duncan and Kate are by her side every step of the way, every day, which of course means they are unable to return to work indefinitely.

Duncan and Kate’s family have set up this page to allow anyone that is interested in donating to the ongoing medical costs, hospital parking and the never-ending bills that are a part of Frankie’s treatment.

Frankie is a sweet spirited little darling who only has love to give. She adores kittens and is mad about Dora the Explorer and Peppa Pig! Even though suffering through severe chemotherapy side effects, we see glimpses of our Frankie and her true fighting spirit. In the words of her oncologist, she is in the fight of her life.


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