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fight for Bella

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Fight for Bella

It’s been one year since Bella Allan was diagnosed with leukemia. One year since she took social media by storm and changed the lives of thousands.

Her initial treatment consisted of two very intensive courses of chemotherapy that her body was sadly resistant to. She was then placed on a waiting list for a bone marrow transplant and when the news came in that there was a match, her family and everyone following her journey breathed a little easier that day.

She spent six months straight in the Royal Children’s Hospital, four of those months in isolation and including Christmas and Easter. Her mother by her side and her father there as often as possible as he took on the role to full-time parent to Bella’s two older siblings.

Throughout her journey, Bella has sung, danced, made art and quite literally won the hearts of a large community of people across our nation. Her million dollar smile has been splashed across our screens, her quirky personality has reached so many, her relentless resilience to face adversity has stopped many people in their tracks and given them a positive perceptive on life.

Bella was deemed 100 days leukaemia free in June, it appeared that the prayers of all of those she inspires were starting to be answered. But the light at the end of the tunnel did not stay on for long and her leukaemia returned.

It is aggressive and it is one of the rarest forms. As we have shared Bella’s story very intimately and honestly for the past year, right now I can only tell you that we don’t know what happens next.

What we do know is that Bella is still smiling and dancing her way through each day. We are searching, hoping and praying for a miracle because that is what she needs.

I have never been confronted with anything more soul destroying in my entire life and there is no positive affirmation that makes this anymore comprehendible.

I am asking you to unite together, again, to support the Allan’s in whatever it is that lay ahead for them.

I hope we are supporting a miracle.


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