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A Year of Resilience: Bella’s Journey with Leukemia

A Diagnosis That Changed Lives

One year ago, Bella Allan received a diagnosis that altered countless lives.

Battling Against Adversity

Initially, Bella underwent two intense rounds of chemotherapy, but her body didn’t respond as hoped. Subsequently, she awaited a bone marrow transplant, and when a match was found, relief washed over her family and supporters.

A Journey of Isolation and Strength

For six months, Bella remained in the Royal Children’s Hospital, enduring four months of isolation, including holidays. Her mother stood steadfastly by her side, while her father juggled caring for Bella’s siblings and supporting his daughter.

Inspiring a Nation

Throughout her ordeal, Bella’s singing, dancing, and artwork captivated a vast audience. Her infectious personality and unwavering resilience touched hearts nationwide, offering a fresh perspective on life.

A Glimmer of Hope

In June, Bella reached a milestone—100 days leukemia-free—offering hope to her supporters. However, the light dimmed as her leukemia resurged.

Facing the Unknown

The return of Bella’s aggressive and rare leukemia left her future uncertain. While her story has been shared candidly, what lies ahead remains unclear.

United in Support

Yet, Bella continues to face each day with a smile and a dance. Together, we search, hope, and pray for a miracle, standing united in support of the Allan family.

Rallying for Bella

Confronted with the most soul-crushing challenge of our lives, we implore you to join us once more in supporting the Allans through whatever lies ahead.

Hope Against All Odds

Together, let’s nurture the hope for a miracle.


Reduce– Uniting for a Cause

In times of adversity, the power of community shines brightest. Let’s stand with Bella, offering unwavering support, love, and encouragement. Whether through spreading awareness, raising funds, or sending messages of hope, each gesture makes a difference. Let’s rally together, drawing strength from our collective compassion, and continue to #fightforbella. Together, we can make miracles happen.

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