Donation to Help Baby Nate

Nate Fighting Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis

saving baby nate - rare diseaseDonation to Help Baby Nate


Donation to Help Baby Nate

Nate is battling a rare disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH), which affects only 1 in 200,000 children. Sadly, this means that the chance of survival is low.

LCH is divided into three groups – unifocal, multifocal uni system and multifocal Multisystem. Unfortunately, he has a multifocal multisystem disease which has rapidly progressed in his tiny body, the Doctors have confirmed that there are tumours in all his organs and now also in his bone marrow. In order to fight the disease that is in so many parts of his body, Nate is currently undergoing chemotherapy 4 times a day.

As well as the chemo, they are administering Nate with some additional crushed medicine but unfortunately every time they administer it, it is blocking his tiny nasal gastric tube and as a result, the tube needs to be changed regularly. This is a very traumatic experience for everyone. There is an alternative liquid medicine Nate can have but it is very expensive and comes out of Nate’s parent’s pocket as the hospital will not supply it. Each bottle cost $100.

Baby Nate has been hospitalised for three months now and the Doctors have not given an end date to his hospitalisation. He is one of three children and for his parent’s Alan and Kristy, maintaining a mortgage, providing food, paying for general bills and maintaining the ‘normal’ for the other little ones have been very hard.

On behalf of the whole family, if anyone could assist little Nate and his parents through this heartbreaking and tragic time, we would be forever grateful. We need help to ensure we get to see our baby boy grow up happy and healthy.

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