Denis Hanley – New Start

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Denis Hanley – New Start

Many of you will know our father; Denis Hanley & no doubt you will all agree that he is a very generous, caring & supportive person. We are reaching out to you all for some support as it is he who now needs so much of that.

People close to Dad will already know he suffered a massive heart attack back in October 2014 whilst visiting his mother in Victoria and since then he has been in and out of hospital doing what he can to maintain & improve his health, wellbeing and way of life. Unfortunately since the heart attack in 2014 Dad has not been able to work to his capacity and as such funds have become scarce. As you may not know, Dad’s income protection insurance expired 6 months after his heart attack. As such he has been unable to access any insurance for his loss of income &/or his medical expenses.

What this means

The staff at Prince Charles Hospital in Chermside have been outstanding & in May 2016 Dad received a life-saving heart transplant. It is very early days. He is still recovering and is likely to remain in the hospital for the coming month. Whilst this is a NEW START for Dad he will require ongoing hospital & medical support which include expensive medicine and weekly visits to the hospital in Brisbane. We are confident Dad will be able to return to some form of work eventually, he will be limited to what he can & can’t do as he needs lots of time to recover & most certainly will need to pace himself.

Whilst Dad is recovering in the hospital we are looking to improve Dads home to ensure he is safe when he returns home from the hospital. Heart Transplant patients are very susceptible to infection & illness due to the immunosuppressant drugs that are required to be taken for the rest of his life. By installing new bathroom & kitchen fixtures, replacing the refrigerator, new washing machine & dryer and purchasing new linen etc we hope to limit Dad’s exposure to bacteria. As well as fixing up some of the access like shonky stairwells that pose a risk for falls & slips etc we hope to mitigate some of the risks associated with postoperative care from transplant. We are also hoping to raise enough money to cover Dads rent for the year so he just focuses on his health & recovery and not stress about work & paying bills etc.

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