Daniel Price

Daniel Price Missing

Daniel Price Missing

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Missing Daniel

As we are all aware Daniel has been missing since 5:15 pm NSW time on Saturday 17/02/2018.

On Friday night Dan left for a Road trip to Halfway Hangs 5, a drifting event in Raleigh raceway just south of Coffs Harbour NSW. Dan had a huge passion for cars having owned a few in his time with us. He had planned head to this event for a while to head down head to the event with his mates and party hard like he always did.

On Saturday afternoon after a day at Raleigh raceway Dan, Corey, Jaykob and Todd decided to go for a swim at the back of Valla beach tourist park. As most of you are aware by now Dan was stuck in a severe rip and did not return from a quick dip to cool off.

A search has been underway since Saturday in hopes to find Dan and bring him home safely to us. Unfortunately, searches still have not come back with the news we so desperately are hoping for.

A few of Dan’s friends have decided to create a go fund me to send straight to his family Gavin, Lisa and Mikayla to ease the stress of funds in such a devastating time of their lives.

We love you Dan. Please come home where ever you are.❤

Searching for Dan - Daniel Price Missing

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