Stacey’s Story

Stacey's Battle

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Stacey’s Story

Charity Fundraising ReduceLoans  – I’m writing this in high hopes that I can seek advice, help, support, funds and strength from your stories and kind words during this difficult time.

Stacey and her family have been living in The Oaks for the past 4 weeks. During this time Stacey has had one round of chemotherapy and she has been extremely humbled by the instant support from her new community.

Jack has been attending The Oaks public school and has settled in amazingly. Charlie & Kahlani have both been having an amazing time with the fantastic teachers at Buzy Bee Kindy. This has allowed Stacey & Adam to travel back and forth to Lifehouse hospital in Newtown for her treatment. Our family would like to say a huge thank you for your ongoing support and efforts in helping with the ongoing financial pressures and emotional strain.

A huge thank you to everyone who is behind Stacey.
#Nevertooyoung #BowelCancerAustralia

Donations made are partly for medical expenses, tolls, travel & car expenses. Donations made are also for Stacey’s fiance Adam to have time off work which enables him to support Stacey and their children physically and emotionally.

My sister Stacey, aged 27 has three children (2 boys,1 girl) Jack(6), Charlie(4) and Kahlani(1). Engaged to her Husband to be Adam aged 31. Stacey is a very proud, strong woman who was planning a wedding for November this year and also studying at Uni for a degree in Accounting and Bachelor of Finance.

Stacey went to her GP (04/01/17) due to stomach, bowel and back pain. Doctors scheduled a colonoscopy and an endoscopy which put her on the waiting list for 3 months. During that waiting period the pain exceeded which pushed her to the GP again. Stacey was Admitted to emergency for a CT scan thinking it was Kidney Stones (16/03/17). The scan showed Stacey had a 7cm tumour on her bowels which was scheduled to be removed on the (22/03/17).

In the theatre, doctors found the tumour had doubled in size, there are cancer nodules in her pelvic tissue and that the tumour had tried to spread through her large intestine cell wall. The doctors said that this type of cancer is called Signet-Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma. Stacey is at stage 4 which is primary and secondary. This is a very rare disease that’s caused by inherited genes, which begins at middle ages or elder people between the ages of 67-73.

So the operation has been done on the (22/03/17), Stacey had to stay on fluids for the next few days, then given a light diet and limited movement for the rehabilitation period. Stacey came home on the (29/03/17) to be surrounded by her family and to rest at home, allowing her to feel as comfortable as she could. The doctors have said to us that Intensive Chemotherapy is required for 3-8 months which will be a series of multiple rounds of Chemotherapy.

Doctors are still deciding whether to remove the nodules in her pelvic tissue first of to proceed through chemo and then have the operation after if required. At the moment it is a waiting period but during this time, the most support by everyone and anyone is essential. To ensure us that we will get through this and that the long battle but will be worth it in the end and that her time will not end at the age of 27.

We are sharing our story in high hopes that there are other people who have experienced or suffered from something similar so we can look/seek worldwide for treatment options. Your support, advice, funds/donations and stories will be a great help for whatever is needed and for us to find the best way for a good ending, Thank you.

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