Stacey’s Story

Stacey's Battle


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Stacey’s Journey: A Story of Strength and Hope

New Beginnings in The Oaks

Stacey and her family recently moved to The Oaks, where they’ve been met with incredible support from their community. Despite facing the challenges of Stacey’s chemotherapy treatment, the family has found solace in the warmth of their new neighbors.

Gratitude for Support

Jack, Charlie, and Kahlani are settling into their new routines, with Jack thriving at The Oaks public school and the younger ones enjoying their time at Buzy Bee Kindy. Stacey and Adam are deeply thankful for the support they’ve received, both emotionally and financially, during this trying time.

Facing Unexpected Obstacles

Stacey’s journey took an unexpected turn when she sought medical help for stomach, bowel, and back pain. Despite initially being misdiagnosed, a CT scan revealed a 7cm tumor on her bowels. The subsequent surgery uncovered even more concerning findings, placing Stacey at stage 4 of Signet-Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma, a rare and aggressive cancer.

Navigating Treatment Options

Following the surgery, Stacey faces intensive chemotherapy for 3-8 months, with the possibility of further surgeries to remove cancer nodules in her pelvic tissue. As the family waits for decisions on the next steps, they are reaching out for support, both locally and globally, to explore all available treatment options.

Seeking Support and Solutions

Stacey’s story is one of resilience and determination. As they navigate this challenging journey, the family seeks support, advice, and donations to alleviate the financial strain and to explore potential treatments worldwide. Together, they are hopeful for a positive outcome and are grateful for any assistance that comes their way.

Spreading Awareness

In sharing their story, Stacey and her family hope to raise awareness and connect with others who may have faced similar challenges. By spreading the word, they aim to gather support and resources to ensure that Stacey’s journey ends with healing and hope.

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