Kerry’s Cancer Treatment

Kerry's Cancer Treatment

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Dear all,

My name is Kerry Maricic (Masi). I’m 41 years old. I’ve been married to my wonderful husband Allan, for nearly 20 years now. We have two beautiful daughters… 15-year-old twins, Alicia and Brooke, who are our whole world. I guess we are your average family… both hard workers, juggling work and family life. We are both self-employed… Allan is in the building industry and I’m a Make-up Artist/Beauty Therapist. Our hobbies are spending time with each other and our family and friends and of course watching our girls play soccer. Myself and Allan are both Committee members and volunteers at East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer Club, where I was also doing the Senior Registrars position.

Here is my story…

Kerry with her family - cancer treatment

In approximately May 2016, I developed double vision in my left eye. I went to the Optometrist to get my eyes tested and was given a prescription for glasses. After using the glasses, I noticed that my double vision had not improved. I was then referred to an Ophthalmologist, who sent me to have an MRI scan in July. The MRI revealed that I had a brain tumour.

As you can imagine, my world then came CRASHING DOWN! I have since seen multiple Neurosurgeons (and have also had my MRI scans reviewed by Charlie Teo in Sydney)… and all have said that the tumour is inoperable because of the location in the brain. I was also told that there were no other treatment options available for me, other than the possibility of having radiotherapy. Radiation therapy, however, has many side effects… and some of these could be permanent. I was also told that it is NOT A CURE.

Spark of Hope

Thanks to family and friends who have been researching extensively since my diagnosis, we have come across a Clinic in the USA which has shown to have had some success with treating all types of inoperable brain tumours. This has now given me hope after such devastating news. My family and I will soon be heading off together to the USA so that I can commence treatment at this clinic. This will involve approximately one month of treatment as an Outpatient, and then upon returning home, IV medication will be administered to me on a daily basis.

I will then continue to have ongoing MRI scans to monitor my condition. I will initially require at least 4-6 months of treatment… but it may need to continue for up to 2 years if I’m not in remission. As you can imagine, being treated as a private patient in any hospital or clinic around the world is VERY EXPENSIVE. A family have kindly donated frequent flyer points so that my daughters Alicia and Brooke are able to come and support myself and Allan, whilst I start my treatment in the USA. Our savings will pay for our accommodation and other travel expenses whilst we are away, so any money kindly donated will STRICTLY go towards paying for both my medications in the USA and back here in Perth. Any donations raised will also go towards paying for future IV therapies that I will have in Perth.

Due to my current symptoms, I’ve had to stop working, and Allan will also need to have long periods off from work in the future to help care for me whilst I’m undergoing treatment. Current costs that we’ve already incurred, through loss of income, medical expenses and treatments have totaled around $30,000.


We’ve been tremendously supported by our family… for which we are so grateful. You have all been amazing! Thank you also to all our wonderful friends for your well wishes, offers of help and prayers… it means so much to myself and my family. We feel truly blessed to have such wonderful support from all of you.Finally, we would just like to say thank you to EVERYONE… especially all the lovely people that we don’t even know, who have kindly donated to my fundraising campaign. Your generosity is greatly appreciated in my time of need.

With LOVE and much gratitude from Kerry, Allan, Alicia and Brooke xxxx

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