Bushfires Rage Across QLD and NSW

Bushfires raging across QLD Source: News Australia

This Month Reduce is Supporting our local Fireys

For the month of September, Reduce Home Loans will be doing their part in donating to the severe Bushfires raging across QLD & NSW..

‘Over 130 fires are burning across New South Wales and Queensland are experiencing the worst start to the bushfire season in recorded history.‘ – The Australian

You can join in and make donations via The Bushfire Foundation Inc. to help improve responses and recovers across areas affected by bushfires. They will be accepting donations in all forms including food, water, shelter and money. Click here to assist.

Fires raging across QLD and NSW

The most severe fires are currently spreading along Queensland’s South East and through to Northern New South Wales.

The severity of the blazes has forced the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) to call on resources and personnel from interstate to help combat the raging fires. Resources such as water bombers, additional fire-fighting equipment and shelters with volunteers are being called on.

Residents of nearby areas are being asked by authorities to “watch and act” or “evacuate” as hundreds of homes have been consumed by the blaze.

September - bush fire location

QFES are working around the clock to help contain the blazes and keep residents and property safe. You can show your support on the QFES and Fire and Rescue NSW Facebook Pages.

Preparation is everything

If you or someone you know is in proximity to a Bushfires raging across QLD & NSW, there are a number of steps you can take to keep your family and properties safe.

  • Have a complete fire safety plan for your home. It can take as little as 15 seconds to become too late to evacuate.
  • A regularly maintained smoke alarm can save your life.
  • Keep in touch with your local radio and TV stations. Local stations will provide frequent updates on nearby bushfires, as well as identify blocked and unsafe roads to evacuate as these must be avoided at all costs.
  • Become aware of local fire shelter locations.
Keep up to date on the Bushfires raging across QLD and NSW

You can keep up to date on current bushfires at news.com.au, QFES Twitter and Fire and Rescue NSW Twitter.

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