Be a Volunteer and Help Kids this Christmas

help kids

help kids

Be a Volunteer and Help Kids this Christmas

Spread some Christmas cheer and join the Smith Family in helping kids in need. You can easily help disadvantaged children across Australia by joining a community of volunteers supporting children.

You can contact your local charity and volunteer for a day to help pack and wrap beautiful presents to children who need them.

The Smith Family is a national, independent children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australians to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. The Smith family believes that a child’s education is the best way to take them out of disadvantage and poverty. They are working across Australia in 94 communities and focus on kids and the out of school youth. One in six Australian children and young people grow up in poverty, limiting their choices and opportunities in life. Nurturing the children’s education and life skills alleviates their situation. Thanks to The Smith Family, these disadvantaged children are able to make better choices for themselves, their families and for the future.



The Smith Family’s History

Help Kids Their story goes back to 1922. A group of businessmen approached an orphanage to offer gifts to the children of toys and sweets. The Smith Family continued to grow and change lives not only because of their generosity but also the generosity of their many volunteers across Australia:

  • government
  • businesses
  • universities
  • trust and foundations
  • other community organisations and
  • individuals

Help kids spark their hope this Christmas season. Continue The Smith’s Family tradition and have a meaningful Christmas.

“Supporting education is about more than just what happens in the classroom – it’s also about enabling positive experiences in the home and community which allow young people to feel included – and that’s why we continue to distribute toys and books at Christmas time.”

– Dr Lisa O’Brien, CEO, The Smith Family

Looking for more Charities to help or volunteer to? You can also visit The Salvation Army or check out our Charity Fundraising page.


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