Baby Wolf

Baby Wolf with heart condition

Wolf's heart Donation to Baby Wolf

Most of you know Angel Riley from her incredible photography work in which she’s started a lot of people’s modelling careers by making them feel good about themselves. Its possible you might even know her from her strong opinions that she voices on the regular and her strong stance on anything she believes in.

A few of us have got together, and although she won’t like it, decided that it’s now her who needs our help to make her life a little easier as that strong persona of hers would never allow her to ask for this herself.

On the 5/5/16 Angel gave birth to her fourth child, a beautiful little boy named Wolf Ropati. Angel worked up until the day he was born and has always had this same work ethic with all of her pregnancies. She never let being pregnant or having children be something that would mean she needed any extra help from anyone.

After a gruelling and painful delivery that saw Angel receiving an emergency C section, Wolf was whisked away from her immediately. Wolf had been born with a complication that meant he had an imperforate anus and still to this day needs a colostomy bag. He was then diagnosed with TAPVD, a heart condition and spent 2 weeks in the children hospital where Angel couldn’t care for her baby.

Although he’s no longer in the hospital he’s still in and out has numerous surgeries to have so that he can be a happy and healthy baby boy. Having three other children to care for and one in a critical condition Angel, for the first time in her life has been unable to work. Although of late she’s still been doing her best to do some photography work it’s obvious her time should be spent with Wolf right now.


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