4 yr old Esther’s Cancer Battle

Esther Battling Cancer

young girl's cancer battle

Donation to Help 4 yr old Esther’s Cancer Battle

Beautiful Esther’s Cancer Battle

Our beautiful little granddaughter Esther is only 4 years old and already has had many battles to fight. She and her 2-year-old brother were both born with the genetic deformity of albinism, which offers no pigment to the skin or hair. Legally blind they are very sensitive to sun and light. Common to this condition is nystagmus, when the eyes continue to move rapidly from side to side, making it difficult to focus. They headed to the USA in 2016, where an American doctor has operated to quiet the eyes to help both children focus more clearly. Young Tommy is due to have an operation next week to realign his eyes which is not covered by Medicare.

A few weeks after Esther fourth birthday she was diagnosed with Bilateral Wilms tumours, cancer on both kidneys, which had also spread to her lungs. Stage 4 & 5 Cancer. She now has a long cancer battle ahead of her. Esther is the light of our lives and the next 2 years will see our gorgeous little girl go through weekly chemo and numerous operations as the doctors try and save some of her kidneys to avoid a future transplant.

This beautiful family have 2 years old, Tommy, and a new baby sister due in April. Dad Tom has therefore decided not to work as he needs to be available to be Esther’s main carer.

We are looking for donations to directly help the family in anything they need from help with medical bills, living expenses, to equipment to help make sure Esther’s needs are always meet and to help with 2-year-old Tommy’s eye operation. Dad Tom is also booked to have a further surgery on a shoulder reconstruction.

So many amazing family and friends have already rallied to help this young family both financially and physically. They are in need at this time when so much is happening and they need to be concentrating on helping Esther with her health and not have the financial stress associated with everyday living.

Your help and prayers are so appreciated.
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