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    Mortgage offset calculator

    With an offset account attached to your loan, you can reduce the amount of interest you pay.


    P&I / Interest only calculator

    Compare repayments between principal and interest, and interest only options, or find the total cost of these loans.


    stamp duty calculator

    Purchasing a property? Find out how much stamp duty you’ll pay based on your state and purchase price.




    Curious about your own budget? Calculate your finances and figure out your cash flow here.


    savings goal calculator

    If you’ve got a goal for your savings, this calculator can help you understand how long till you reach it.


    compound interesT

    Calculate how much you can save with regular deposits in a savings account accruing interest over time.


    Income tax calculator

    Find out exactly how much government tax you would pay based on your annual income.


    what can i afford to borrow?

    How much can you really afford? This calculator helps you determine your maximum borrowing power.


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    Not sure how much you can borrow, or what your repayments would be? Crunch the numbers with our easy-to-use home loan and finance calculators.

    Our online home loan calculators make it easy for you to estimate and assess your mortgage repayment options. We Aussies are a mixed bunch, and everyone’s situation is different, so find out how much you could save on lower repayments with our low interest rates.

    Calculate your repayments, borrowing power, stamp duty and more. If you’re not sure, just give us a call on 1300 REDUCE (733 823) and our Personal Finance Managers will be happy to assist.

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    Our home loan range also offer great features and flexibility, so you can apply with confidence.


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