Reduce Home Loans Awarded Mozo Experts Choice 2019

Reduce Home Loans awarded Mozo's Experts Choice 2019

Reduce Home Loan’s awarded Mozo Experts Choice 2019!

This year Mozo compared 436 home loans across 85 bank and non-bank lenders to recognise the best value loans in the market for 2019.

The awards were announced on March 21.

Reduce Home Loans came out amongst the top, awarded Mozo Experts Choice Award 2019 across 5 Owner Occupied categories:

Low Cost Home Loan

Offset Home Loan

First Home Buyer

Fixed Rate Home Loan

Split Home Loan

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Family Home Loan

In fact, Reduce has once again proven its excellence in the mortgage market by clinching multiple awards in the Mozo Experts Choice 2019. These awards underscore the company’s dedication to providing exceptional value and flexibility to homeowners. With an extensive comparison of 436 home loans from 85 bank and non-bank lenders, Mozo highlighted Reduce Home Loans as a top performer across various categories. These categories include Low Cost Home Loan, Rate Buster High Lend Variable, Offset Home Loan, First Home Buyer, Fixed Rate Home Loan, and Split Home Loan.

The Mozo Experts Choice Awards serve as a testament to Reduce Home Loans’ commitment. Offering competitive rates and innovative products tailored to meet the diverse needs of borrowers. By consistently delivering on its promise of affordability and quality service, Reduce Home Loans continues to cement its reputation as a trusted leader in the industry. Homeowners can have confidence in choosing Reduce Home Loans as their preferred lending partner for achieving their financial goals.

Find out more about how Mozo crunches the numbers to compare all loans and how they categorise them for winning lenders.

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