Red hot home projects to get your property ready for winter

Red hot home projects to get your property ready for winter

Whether you’re planning on a winter property sale or looking for renovation inspiration for the cooler months, it may be time to consider these popular winter home projects.

If you’ve spent the last two years at home thanks to Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, you may be daydreaming about how to upgrade and improve your home.

For the Aussies who have managed to squirrel away a renovation nest egg over the last two years can put these funds directly into their new projects.

And with the latest ABS figures showing that residential property prices have grown by a record-breaking 23.7% in the last 12 months across Australia, others may be considering accessing the equity in their home to pay for their renovations.

However you plan to finance your next home project, let’s explore some of the most popular renovation and home improvement goals for the winter months of 2022.


Winter home renovation projects for your property


Seal cracks around your home

If your property is suffering from cracks, it’s not just the structural issues you may need to worry about, but the impact on your energy bill. Cold air that comes into your property from cracks can result in you using more energy to heat up your home to combat this issue.

These cracks can appear along hardwood floors or walls, and gaps in framing around windows and doors can also allow cold air inside. As the weather starts to get colder, consider sealing cracks allowing air leaks as a priority with caulk.


Upgrade your insulation

Adding or upgrading the insulation in your home may also help you to reduce your energy costs, as well as combat climate change, according to the Washington Post. This is a common next step taken after homeowners seal any cracks and plug in air gaps allowing cold air into a home. It may be worth reaching out to a specialist to help you with this project if you are cautious about climbing into high spaces or the exterior of your home.

Winter entertaining in your outdoor space

Just because the mercury is dropping doesn’t mean you can’t continue to host friends and family outdoors. You may just need to consider a winter backyard upgrade to make this seasonal transition more comfortable for everyone.

Reduce your exposure to the cold weather by considering shelter options, such as a pergola or an arbour. Electronically controlled louvres can also help to keep the elements out. Not only can this offer extra privacy from your neighbours, but it may add a sense of warmth at night. And something as simple as picking up a fire pit from your local supply store can transform your backyard for guests.


Double or triple glazing

You don’t need to completely remodel a home to get it winter ready. As your home can lose heat from your windows, another common option to help reduce heat loss in your home in winter is to consider installing double, or even triple glazed windows. This winter project is also a more energy-efficient option than relying on your electricity-guzzling space heater to keep in the warm air.


Heating (and cooling) systems

If you still feel like you’re battling the elements inside your home after installing insulation and sealing the cracks, it may be worth exploring heating systems. These can be particularly useful to consider installing in Australia, with split system air-conditioning or ducted heating systems practically essential for homes in summer. And you’ll be right on time for the next summer heatwave if you make fixing your heating your winter project.

While relying on heating and cooling systems may not be the most sustainable option due to their heavy reliance on electricity, it could be worth considering installing solar panels to offset your energy use (and cut down your energy bill). Especially as this can be a more expensive home maintenance option to take on board.

Plant in autumn/winter

Planting and refurbishing your backyard or garden in Autumn or Winter is generally considered to be the most ideal time of the year to do so in Australia. Plants installed in April or May have seven months to grow and develop deep roots before the heat of summer. Not only are you offered some respite from the harsh summer sun, but the ground is easier to work with and is moister.

Adding green to your property is one of the best ways to increase its street appeal and make it feel more inviting. This can be especially helpful if you’re setting up your home for potential buyers and looking for value-add projects. Plus, it can be a fun project to DIY and involve kids with.

If you’ve been considering some landscaping upgrades or wanted to plant new trees, shrubs, flowers or veggies in your backyard, the colder months are the time to get started.


Lighting is key

The colder months can take a toll on our moods thanks to the reduced sunlight hours. One option homeowners may have to keep the winter blues away is to transform their home lighting and inject some much-needed brightness and warmth.

Consider switching out old lighting fixtures for brighter or more colourful ones that can offer better illumination and lift your spirits in the meantime. The more light you add, the cosier your home may feel, with table and floor lamps a must-have this winter. And accentuating natural lighting is key, so consider hanging mirrors on opposite walls to your windows for a cost-effective way to amplify the sunshine.


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