8 more reasons to make the switch: Mozo Expert’s Choice Awards 2020

Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2020

Today Reduce Home Loans has taken out 8 Mozo Expert’s Choice awards across 13 total categories representing some of the lowest cost, highest value products in the home loan space.

Financial comparison site Mozo has released its Home Loan Expert’s Choice Awards for 2020. These awards recognise the best value services across many financial sectors from home loans to savings accounts and many more.

The Mozo Expert’s Choice awards independently compares over 436 home loan products across over 85 lenders.

Reduce Home Loans products awarded in the following categories:

Low Cost Home Loan

Low Rider Rate Buster Rate Lovers

Offset Home Loan

Low Rider Rate Buster Rate Lovers

First Home Buyer Loan

Rate Buster

Investor Home Loan

Investor Rate Lovers

It makes sense to make the switch. Reduce Home Loans is, on average, saving customers $270/month in interest repayments.

Reduce Home Loans General Manager, Josh Beitz, says ‘Reduce Home Loans remains committed to delivering the lowest interest rates available to Australians.’

Ready to make the switch?

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