Introducing the new Super Saver Variable

Reduce Home Loans- Super Saver

Reduce Home Loans has unveiled its lowest variable rate yet with our Super Saver – 2.19% p.a. (2.26%* comparison).

The Super Saver Variable is available for purchases and refinances up to 80% LVR – that means you need a minimum deposit of just 20% of the property value.

In the midst of the COVID crisis gripping Australia, many lenders are dropping home loan interest rates.

Featured on both Channel 7 and Channel 9 News Australia, reports show a home owner could save plenty by making the switch. Why wait, it make sense to switch.

Channel 9 News reports by refinancing a $400,000 loan over to the new Super Saver 2.19%p.a. Variable, clients could save around $272 a month.

Sally Tindall, Rate City Research Director, says now is the time to refinance.

“Since May 1, we’ve [Rate City] seen a hundred and forty eight variable home loans had their rates cut”

Refinancing to the Super Saver could net you $24,184 saving over 5 years, compared to the average rate on the Rate City database of 3.27%p.a.

Estimate how much you could save by switching your home loan to Reduce using our Mortgage Calculator, or give Reduce Home Loans a call on 1300 733 823.

It just makes sense.

Give Reduce Home Loans a call if your looking to refinance or buy

Refinancing to the Super Saver option with Reduce Home Loans presents a compelling opportunity for homeowners seeking substantial savings. With a potential $24,184 in savings over a span of five years compared to the prevailing average rate listed on Rate City’s database, the decision is not only financially prudent but also strategically advantageous. By utilising Reduce’s Mortgage Calculator or reaching out to their dedicated team at 1300 733 823, homeowners can embark on a journey towards greater financial stability and freedom. Switching to Reduce Home Loans isn’t just a smart choice; it’s a logical step towards securing a brighter financial future.

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