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Home loan interest rates have been a hot topic in recent months. Banks and non-bank lenders continue to compete with rising international costs of funding, despite the RBA Cash Rate on hold for a record 2 years at 1.5%.

These rising international costs have placed pressure on lenders to raise interest rates, most notably by the Big 4.

Comparison site Rate City’s Research Director, Sally Tindall observed: The Big 4 are now bucking the usual rate hike trend. The banks are hiking rates for new customers. Meanwhile, lowering rates for existing customers to “stay loyal” to their long-term clients.

Not all lenders are hiking rates for new customers, though.

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“You don’t have to cop high rates at this time”, Tindall said. Economists say the next time the RBA Cash Rate moves, it will be a hike. Now is the time to shop around with other lenders. “You want your mortgage to be as small as possible for when it (RBA Cash Rate) hikes,”

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In the current landscape of fluctuating home loan interest rates, consumers face a critical decision-making juncture. While the Big 4 banks have opted to increase rates for new customers, Reduce Home Loans stands out by offering competitive rates as low as 3.39%*p.a. through a special partnership with Rate City and Get Credit Score. This presents an opportune moment for prospective borrowers to explore alternatives and secure favorable terms, especially considering the likelihood of future rate hikes. Act swiftly to leverage this limited-time offer before the Rate City Sale Event concludes on November 7, 2018.

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