Reduce Home Loans Charity Fundraising

Deep inside all of us is a desire to give and make a difference in the world and our community, but we just get caught up with life and forget about those people who just need a leg up and a helping hand. Here at Reduce Home Loans we’re passionate about helping everyday Aussies achieve their dreams and each week we will be seeking out a new Charity or Fundraising project to support. Do you have a charity or fundraising project you think needs a little more attention? We would love to hear from you. Reduce Home Loans do not receive any financial incentives for promoting Charity or Fundraising Projects.


Globe’s Negative Interest Rates

Countries with Negative Interest Rates

Countries with Negative Interest Rates A lot of people may find it hard to believe but there is over 20 countries that have 0% or even negative cash rates, so what does that actually mean? Negative interest rates can be considered a last-ditch effort to boost economic growth. Basically if a country goes in to a negative…