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Channel 9 News Lowest Variable Rates

variable rate

  Home loan interest rates have been a hot topic in recent months. Banks and non-bank lenders continue to compete with rising international costs of funding, despite the RBA Cash Rate on hold for a record 2 years at 1.5%. These rising international costs have placed pressure on lenders to raise interest rates, most notably […]

Housing Market Towards 2019

Cityscape - housing market forecast

Housing Market Towards 2019 Your Loan Hub shows the possible status of the housing market in Australia in 2019. This year’s housing market was a rollercoaster ride, most major cities saw a decline in property value, whilst others experienced growth. Sydney house values continue to see a decline and so homebuyers are looking at regional […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness

  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month Often referred to as Pinktober. As part of Pinktober, Reduce Home Loans is supporting people battling with breast cancer. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer that causes death in women in Australia. Both men and women can acquire this disease but it rarer to occur in men […]

Choose the Right Investment Property

Choose the right investment property

Choose the Right Investment Property Your Loan Hub has provided a few tips to help you decide on buying your first residential investment. These tips could help you avoid future problems and headaches, let’s choose the right investment property. Know Your Goal Know the purpose of your investment. Is it for your retirement? An income […]

The Knight’s War

A Knight's war

The Knight’s War The Knight family had just won a battle and were finally able to become pregnant after 3 years of anticipation and heartaches. But, alas! Even before the baby arrived, another battle slowly turned into a war and once again challenged the couple. Matthew and Clare Knight, a young couple who is just […]

Little Theo’s Rare Condition

Reduce Home Loans Theo

Little Theo’s Rare Condition Little Theo was born with a rare condition called TOF OA where his oesophagus isn’t joined. In little Theo’s case, there are two fistulas (tubes) joining the oesophagus to the trachea. Within just two days of his life, Theo underwent surgery to join the oesophagus. However, it proved unsuccessful in closing […]

Reduce Home Loans Making A Difference in Aussies Lives

making a difference

Reduce Home Loans Making A Difference in Aussies Lives Adam West of created a blog about Reduce Home Loans and how Reduce is making a difference for Australian residents. According to West, Reduce Home Loans is an example of lender that is finding ways not only in providing better rates but also promotes charitable […]

Injured Christina

Reduce Home Loan Christina

Injured Christina Christina, recently engaged to her fiancé James Wild, experienced an accident on September 29, 2018.. She came off a motorbike and suffered different injuries and shattered her T5 & T6 which has therefore severed her spinal cord. Currently at the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s in ICU. Help Christina go back to being her own […]

Unexpected Battle

Kane's Fight with Cancer - unexpected battle

Unexpected Battle Kane and Sian were about to get married in Bali but then they received an unexpected terrible news that lead them to an unexpected battle. Kane has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. After a CT scan, more tests, draining fluid, PET scan and the biopsy. His test results forced them to […]

Reduce Home Loans rated 5 Stars again by Canstar

5 Star

Reduce Home Loans rated 5 Stars again by Canstar Canstar’s 6-monthly 5 Star Ratings were released last week (September 13, 2018), and Reduce Home Loans has been awarded 5 Stars for variable owner-occupied and investment home loans. The Star Rating system is devised to help customers assess products across a variety of profiles, from insurance […]

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