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2023 Best Home Loan Rates & What You Should Look For In A Mortgage

Whether you’re about to start your home buying journey, or you are considering refinancing, it’s important to understand what your best home loan rate options are for 2023. There are several key areas affecting home loans and interest rates that homeowners will be wise to look into for 2023. This includes the ongoing cash rate […]

Low-cost ways to give your apartment a makeover

Whether you’re preparing to rent or sell your property, or you just feel like a fresh look, renovating an apartment can be extremely rewarding for homeowners. Unfortunately, it can be costly, so it’s not unusual to seek out cost-effective options for home maintenance and upgrades. If your apartment is looking a bit tired, but you […]

Self-Managed Super Fund Home Loans Explained – Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to saving for your retirement, there are two types of Australians; those who like to set-and-forget their investments, and those who like to take charge of their investment strategy. And for the type of person who wants more control, a self-managed super fund is likely their course of action. Property is one […]

What Is An Alt-Doc Home Loan And Why Would You Need One?

Reduce Home Loans Capitalizer Alt-Doc Home Loan

The home loan application process can be a time consuming and frustrating exercise  for those who do have the documentation required for a standard home loan. For small business owners without a payslip from an employer, this process can be even harder. Luckily, there may be loan options available to you in the form of […]

How Much Money Can You Actually Save With A Mortgage Refinance?

Switching your home loan can cost you hundreds, if not thousands in fees and costs. However, the overall savings earned from a lower-rate or lower-fee home loan, or a new mortgage with additional perks and features, could cover these costs tenfold over the life of your loan. If you’re considering refinancing your home loan, but […]

No sneaky surprises: Here’s what you need to know about home loan refinance rates

The interest rate you may be offered as a new home loan customer could be significantly different from one you’re offered as a refinancer. After several years of paying off your existing loan, it’s likely you may be in a more advantageous financial position to nab a more competitive rate and home loan product. However, […]

How interest rate increases can impact your home loan borrowing capacity

As a higher rate means higher mortgage repayments, a lender will assess your ability to service a home loan, based on your current income and financial situation, on this larger payment amount. A higher-rate environment may mean that you cannot borrow as much for a home loan, as you would not be able to afford […]

Is a fixed rate or variable rate home loan better?

One of the hardest decisions an Australian home buyer has to make isn’t just which property to bid on, or which area to buy in, but the choice between a variable interest rate home loan and a fixed interest rate home loan. The amount of interest charged on your mortgage is one of the most […]

Every Single Thing You Should Look For When You Compare Mortgage Rates

Comparing mortgage rates

Finding the right home loan to suit your needs can feel a lot like searching for a needle in a haystack. Thankfully, by arming yourself with the right information to compare mortgage rates, fees and features, you should be able to make an informed decision (that doesn’t break your budget). While there is more to […]

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