April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Support after sexual assault is out there, 24/7.

The month of April is dedicated to raising international awareness of sexual assault upon people of every age. The drive aims to promote help and support for victims of sexual abuse.

Sexual assault is not just limited to any age or gender. Victims can experience assault at random, in school and work environments, and even sexual activity without consent by an intimate partner. 91% of victims are female, and 9% are male. Many are reluctant to speak up.


Reduce Home Loans is dedicating donations this month to go toward institutions developing support and awareness programs for victims of sexual assault and rape. It is a serious and ongoing offense in our society and help for victims can go a long way. Our goal this month is to help spread the word that support is out there on every level from local, to national, to international, to online.

National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) has many resources including articles, support programs and merchandise to raise awareness that support for assault victims is available internationally.

Reach Out Australia is the leading online mental health organisation offering information, support and resources to sexual assault victims and their families among other mental health disorders.

Sadly, victims of sexual assault and rape are reluctant to step forward. Victims living with the trauma of being assaulted are at strong risk of developing social anxiety, depression and can even lead to suicide in extreme cases.

Research has proved over 50% of sexual assault victims turn to the internet for help and advice. Donations to Reach Out Australia fund online community help programs; providing free online assistance to rape victims across Australia.


Watch Ian Thorpe, Reach Out Patron and World Olympic Swimming Champion, explain how Reach Out provides online help for young people and families living with stress and anxiety after tough experiences, and other mental health disorders.


Let others know help is available online. Support the drive to assist those reliving sexual assault experiences in their minds every day.

Help us in raising awareness of how sexual assault can affect victims in the long term, and sharing the fact that help is available in their schools, community and online networks 24/7.